Final Stage Three Sales...


2 bed, 1 bath, 2 car garage: 



3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage:

 $839,000 - $859,000


4 bed, 3 bath, 2 car garage:



Indulgent Scenery

Sweeping panoramic mountain views, stunning rural valleys and the incredible energy of the Shotover River surround Bullendale and its neighbouring local community of Arthurs Point.

The Alpine Terraces sit grandly above Bullendale’s first two stages, perfectly positioned to soak up the world-class views that provided so much inspiration in the design of these terraced-style homes.


Designed by Experts

The Alpine Terraces offer astute purchasers the opportunity to experience a new way of living. Carefully crafted, this stage has been designed by award-winning New Zealand architects, The Foley Group. Working with internationally recognised urban designers over many months, they have perfected the state-of-the-art, terraced-style luxury homes that are now on offer.


Unique Qualities

Setting Bullendale apart from other developments is the use of an efficient, economical and eco-friendly central heating system. This was a core focus when designing and developing The Alpine Terraces homes, to ensure residents remain comfortable over Queenstown’s cooler months. High-grade PVC windows are another key feature of these homes, to retain the radiated heat while contributing to the streamlined look of the development.


Endless Options

Upon entry into your Alpine Terraces home, you will be greeted with sophisticated open-plan living areas that seamlessly flow out to north-facing terraced gardens and balconies. Each home is specifically designed to maximise living space on the sunny north side, with generous floor areas providing plenty of space to live comfortably and entertain with ease. Some residences feature high arching ceilings over the kitchen areas, further opening the space and creating an even more luxurious feel. Importantly, every home has a two-car garage and visitor parking, and the larger four bedroom residences also have a designated uncovered park close by.



A message from the Architect...

Extending the architectural language and typologies of Bullendale into this new stage, we have continued the use of strong gabled roofs and claddings. Each pair of units is expressed individually, with a common entry area that features stone and timber cladding. A central stair leads up into the units and onto the roadways above. The entries are nestled amongst the garaging, which are presented in a darker colour to provide the effect of a podium onto which the units grandly sit. Generous glazing on the entry side of the residence takes full advantage of the views over the Shotover River and stunning mountain terrain, such as Ben Lomond. This incredible scenery provided us with endless inspiration throughout the design phase.

Positioned to take advantage of the sun, the extension of the living area on the north side features large sections of glass, opening out to spacious terraced gardens and balconies. Open plan living concepts imbue modern comfort and amenity, with clearly defined spaces for furniture layout. Well-appointed and beautifully designed joinery and fittings continue this quality feel.

Outdoors, the scale is diminished on the north side with just two floor levels, to provide a greater level of comfort while enjoying the outdoor areas. The individuality is continued to provide each resident with their own sense of space.

Varied roof forms, modulation of the facade elements and bold differentiation between cladding and colour palettes provide a canvas of residences that offer variety and excitement. These intensify the senses and provide an elevated level of amenity both outside and inside for all residents.

Rob Campbell - Lead Architect

a message from the Urban Designer...

The Alpine Terraces is an exciting new stage of this exemplar development. The placement of residences is focused around a shared-surface lane, with staggered terraced housing leading off to street frontages on either side. A significant rock wall defines the lane entry and helps shape a raised pocket park with bespoke landscape and tiered seating areas, leading down to the main entry road. This design creates a unique private block environment.

By utilising the slope and development configuration so effectively, not only have we created a varied and interesting streetscape, but each home also benefits from exceptional north-facing living areas and terraced gardens. Quality bespoke architecture ensures the buildings work harmoniously with their environs to deliver a human-scale, community-centric environment that is vibrant and safe.

The Alpine Terraces residences provide the ambiance and qualities usually only found in classic European hillside towns, yet with added layers of modern technology and sophistication. The installation of efficient central heating systems ensure all homes remain dry and warm, creating a healthy, quality living environment.

Bruce Weir - Urban Designer


A masterplanned development

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